Disability Services


The President of the United States of America is Joe Biden now, the man who was vice president for eight years alongside Barack Obama as president. He has a $6 trillion budget, and he is cementing his resolve to significantly expand the investment in home and community-based services for all kinds of people with disabilities. It is actually refreshing to see that a bigot has been kicked out of the Oval Office and that a man who actually knows what he is doing is actually making strides toward helping all kinds of people.

community-based services

Biden’s request to congress was actually released last week, and it includes almost $400000,000,000 in extra funding for all kinds of services that allow people with disabilities and older individuals to live in the community as opposed to nursing homes and other kinds of institutional settings. The spending that was proposed by Biden to Congress was basically something that represents Biden’s WishList for congress and the lawmakers so that they can consider the federal budget for the 2022 fiscal year, which actually begins in October.

Joe Biden originally called for such an increase for home and community-based services as part of the American jobs plan, which was actually unveiled earlier this particular year, when he got sworn in as president. He also said that the money would be used to help a lot of people who have been on the waiting list for a lot of support. He has been doing a fantastic job with the vaccination drive so far, in the United States of America, with more than 50% of adults completely vaccinated. In light of disability, advocates say that they are very pleased to see that Biden is properly committing to growing services for people with all kinds of disability is in his particular budget request. The fact that President Joe Biden actually includes the $400 billion to expand across the community-based and home services and also to create more and better direct care jobs is quite major indeed.


The budget also includes a $16 billion request for services that are provided to students in preschool through high school under the individuals with disabilities education act and also an increase of $2.7 billion, which the plan describes as a very significant step toward properly funding IDEA. This is also an extra $250 million.

Overall, people are very glad to see that our budget is included that pollsters a lot of programs for people with all kinds of disabilities. This basically means that people with disabilities can actually lead a decent life, because of President Joe Biden and his plan. It affects people in a huge range of aspects like housing to education as well.