A 17-year-old from Bel-Air has not even let cerebral palsy to stop her from being a model during the New York fashion week. It is actually not prevented from regularly riding around on horses or even being a part of slide hockey or even being a part of a skydiving team. She actually went skydiving.

skydiving team

This teenager is actually a very cheerful go-getter, and she allows the world to get to know more about the realities of her everyday life when she lives with her disability, and she’s trying to put out her message into the world with the help of a documentary. It is called “Faith’s World”, and she actually directorate.

This documentary happens to be 27 minutes long, and it had in April on TV. Eventually, it will be sent to more than 1.8 million American teachers in more than 155 cities this particular spring. It will even be shown in more than 150 countries around the world. This particular film introduces how life is for a teenager who has to live with disabilities. A lot of people have said that it makes them feel really good, and it also makes them feel that the teenager is doing something so worthwhile with her life. It is definitely an inspirational film but, it is also going to make you well aware as to what is out there and what it takes for people with such disabilities to lead their lives normally.

It is a documentary that will actually make you want to believe in faith that faith is open, reflective, joyful and generous as well. They even got her mother and her father in the film, and they also expressed their opinions. It basically intends on tackling the topic of humanisation and also tackles many hard topics, so that people can talk about it and also help the American people about such topics and also to make it very normal. It is a very well-known fact that one out of six Americans actually deal with a form of disability, and there are millions of people who are disabled. This kind of a documentary can actually make it possible to properly humanise these people and also remove the stigma. I honestly do not understand why there is stigma surrounding disabilities, because people don’t exactly choose to be disabled.

People with disabilities worldwide should understand that resilience is certainly key. Having a thirst for adventure is definitely something that can get through anything. Life is certainly an adventure, and you should make sure you leave it to the fullest. You should obviously make use of powerful documentaries like this to inspire you.