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"Is Your Hotel Website ADA Compliant? Here's Why It Matters"

This article urges hoteliers to ensure their websites and online booking systems are accessible to individuals with disabilities.

“Hotel Industry on the Right Path to Full Accessibility”

This article reports on the most recent survey of travelers with disabilities sponsored by the Open Doors Organization (ODO). While travelers continue to encounter barriers and difficulties at hotels, results indicate marked improvements in the decade since the previous survey.

For example, reports of "heavy, hard to open doors" dropped from 36% to 18% (a 50% decline) and "inadequate space in bathrooms" fell from 20% to 9% (a 55% decline). Improvements were noted in customer service as well; reports of "customer service/personnel obstacles" overall dropped from 45% to 27% (a 40% decline), while "personnel not aware of services" fell from 17% to 6% (a 65% decline).